Tardigrade- Photo ©BBC

Tardigrade- Photo ©BBC

Those of you who have heard of tardigrades probably already know this. Some of you might even have heard this quote,

“TARDIGRADE don’t care!”

Here’s the entire quote, “Seriously, honey badger don’t care? Why don’t you shove honey badger out of an airlock into the vacuum of space, and then see if he cares. TARDIGRADE don’t care!”

This phrase was coined by one of my favorite people, Hank Green from Crash Course and Vlog Brothers, among other things.

Here is Hank’s tardigrade video:




However, that quote was from this video (MAJOR cute warning!):



Anyway, on to what they are.

Tardigrades are small animals that are mainly found in moss, but can be found nearly anywhere. They are also known as “moss piglets” and “water bears”.

They range anywhere from 0.1 mm -1.5 mm long. Tardigrades can survive CRAZY ridiculous things! There are too many to list here, so here they are on Wikipedia.

Tardigrades are what is known as animal extremophiles.  Basically, They are some of the worlds toughest animals.

Tardigrades have even been put in space!

They can withstand pressure 6 times more than the deepest oceans!

But how do they survive? There must be some kind of trick.

Yes! There is! Whenever tardigrades are in some kind of  inhospitable environment (Even worse than that crappy hotel you had to stop at on your road trip!), they convert into their alternate form, a tun, until they get somewhere better. Reminds me of Pokemon! That is what annoys me about the “Tardigrade don’t care” quote, other than the grammar, tardigrades DO care! Well, at least enough to become a tun.

Anyway to sum things up, TARDIGRADES DEFINE AWESOMENESS!!!

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  1. I am always impressed with how smart and articulate you are.

  2. Neat info and really interesting!

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    Stupid honey badger

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    You are a ROCK STAR!!!!

  7. Awesome! I didn’t know that.

  8. Oh, hey, if you were wondering, the book he holds up in the second video is an EXTREMELY popular book his brother wrote.

  9. you always amaze me! Love

  10. I love honey badger. but i really, really love this tardigrade. he’s super creepy looking, though. great post! looking forward to MORE.

  11. I think that tardy is so cute! He looks like a manatee!