The Hobbit Review- Part One

The Hobbit

This review will come in three parts, I will do one post per movie. It will include the review and the differences between the book and the movie. During the review I will discuss the book as if it were in three parts, like the movie, because it makes the discussion easier.


Both the book and movie were AWESOME. The only thing I didn’t like, was there wasn’t much action in part one, so it isn’t worth seeing in 3D. Also, there were some things in the preview that weren’t in the actual movie. Plus, its not as scary as people said, I mean my sisters 8 year old friend wasn’t scared at all.

∞ If there is one thing I want from parts 2 and 3, it’s INFINITE awesomeness! ∞

I wouldn’t be surprised if it delivers, considering part one was ONLY part one, and SO awesome!!!!!

Anyway, I highly suggest it, but just not in 3D.

As for the book, it’s just right for anyone older than 5. The storyline is so perfectly complex, it would confuse them.


Book and Movie Comparison



(By spoilers, I mean battles that happen. I will not tell you the outcome.)

1. Radagast

Radagast is an important character in the movie, but in the book, he is only briefly mentioned. They bring him up in Part two of the book by a character who barely knows him (Beorn).

2. Riddles

In the book, the “riddle war” has many more riddles. I didn’t like that they got rid of some.

3. Goblin Caves

Between the book and the movie, the goblin cave’s style is very different. In the book it is all stone cave systems. In the movie, it is a massive cavern with rope and wood bridges.

4. Orcs

The orcs are only in the movie. There weren’t any Orcs at all in the book! Unless, of course, you subscribe to the theory that Orcs are actually goblins. I personally don’t.

5. Flaming tree battle

 In the book it was in the middle of the forest and in the movie it was on a cliff.

6. Eagles

The eagles were not wearing anything in the movie. In the book they had crowns and golden necklaces. I was not happy with this.

7. Eagles

In the book, the eagles just happened to be there. In the movie, Gandalf summoned them using a moth.

8. Flaming tree battle

In the book they were spread out among 5 trees and in the movie they were in 2-3.

9. Flaming tree battle

The trees are only on fire in the book. In the movie, flaming pinecones are thrown from the trees.

10. Saruman

Saruman was only in the movie.

11. Beginning

In the movie they do it as if Bilbo is telling a story to Frodo. While in the book it is Tolkien is narrating.

12. Eagles

In the movie, the eagles drop the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf off at the peak of a mountain and that’s it. In the book, the eagles  drop them off on a small cliff then move them to the side of a mountain, after talking to them.

 That’s all I can remember, I’m sure there’s more, so let me know in the comments!

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  1. Nice review- now I want to see it….